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Commercial-grade mowers allow us to tackle lawns of any size:

  • 24” Husqvarna: self-propelled, walk-behind mower for petite jobs

  • 48” Toro: hydrostatic, zero turn, stand-behind/sulky mower for mid-size jobs

  • 61” Tiger Scag: zero-turn lawn monster for the large jobs!

Our committment to quality:

Our mower blades are sharpened every two weeks to give your grass a super clean cut which is critical to a healthy lawn. All of our hand trimming tools are highest quality Echo built equipment.  We provide a sharp trim to all the edges, haul away the yard debris, and will leave your property looking pristine. 


The #1 reason you should use Alii Lawn and Garden is that your lawn will be the envy of everyone who sees it!

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